£1000 Green cashback product feature

Available to landlords who improve their property EPC levels to C and above.

£1000 Green cashback product feature

At Fleet we are committed to supporting the UK’s transition to a more sustainable future, and to improving the energy efficiency of the country’s private rental sector properties, with the obvious benefits this will provide, particularly for tenants. We have introduced a new limited edition product feature which will reward landlord borrowers with a £1,000 cashback payment if they improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) level of the property to a C or above during the course of the initial fixed rate period*. The cashback will be available on Fleet’s five- and seven-year fixed-rate products, excluding Green options, which complete from 1st July 2023.

We believe this feature will motivate landlords to make the necessary improvements to their properties to facilitate a greener future for everyone, with a contribution from Fleet against the costs of completing those works.

Key Highlights:

  • Fleet’s cashback feature will support landlord borrowers as they seek to improve the EPC of those properties not yet at EPC A-C
  • The feature will help landlords to meet the probable forthcoming EPC requirements
  • Customers will receive a £1,000 cash payment direct if their property is rated D or E at the point of completion, and during their initial Fixed Rate Period upgrade the property to an EPC Rating of C or above**

* Terms and conditions apply. Speak to our team for further details.

** The EPC Register must be updated on the Government website for the customer to receive their payment. www.gov.uk/find-energy-certificate