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Limited Company Conveyancers Panel

Many of our competitors treat Limited Company cases differently from other cases and apply a range of differing restrictions upon who can carry out Limited Company conveyancing. We have done a lot of work in the market, talking to brokers about their experiences in this area and looking at a range of options. The reality is that Limited Company conveyancing is more complex and time-consuming than standard transactions. As the number of Limited Company cases increases in response to a range of external pressures, including from the Government and the regulatory authorities, we felt that we had to respond to ensure that your clients and our borrowers have the experience which we would want them to have. We all want the road to completion to be as smooth as possible. We may have been ahead of the competition but others have now followed our lead.

Any separate representation will only be approved on the basis that the applicant will bear not only the costs of their own representation but also those of the firm instructed to act for Fleet Mortgages. Any member of our limited company panel can act for us (even on an individual case) on a separate representation basis and, in order to provide certainty, each will charge the same fee, details of which can be found on this site.

Submitting an Application

Fleet Mortgages actively accepts business through approved advisers. To establish whether you can submit business to us please register via the Intermediary Portal. The Intermediary Portal is used to submit an application.

Fleet Mortgages will adhere to their anti-money laundering policy at all times.

We will notify you either by telephone or email that we have added additional checklist items to the application within the Intermediary Portal.

Fleet Mortgages only liaise with Intermediaries. Contact your broker to enquire about our products or criteria.

Using the Intermediary Portal

The Intermediary Portal Guide will show you how to use the Intermediary Portal to its full potential.

The Intermediary Portal guide contains information on changing your information; amending your submission routes and searching for historic cases. The Portal Guide also provides full details on how to request an illustration, a decision in principle and how to submit an application.

The Intermediary Portal can be accessed via our website, the link to the portal is located to the top right of the page.

Please select ‘Not registered’ and follow the on screen information. You will either be sent an email confirming you have been registered or requesting information to enable us to complete your registration.

The Intermediary Portal can be accessed via our website, the link to the portal is located to the top right of the page.

Your Username will generally be your usual email address and your Password will be the password you set in as part of the registration process. Select ‘Next’ to Logon.

About The Criteria

Please check the criteria page of our website where you can find further details of our criteria as well as the option to download a copy of our criteria guide. Alternatively, please refer to our in-house sales team or your BDM for full criteria details.

A list of unacceptable properties can be found on our Literature Page

About The Loan

DIPs are valid for 30 days.

Credit Searches are valid for 90 days.

Offers are valid for 90 days (Up to 6 Months for New Build Properties). Fleet Mortgages reserves the right to ask the borrower to select a new rate if the case remains pre-offer after 3 months.

The applicant cannot make overpayments/lump sum repayments during the fixed rate, discount or tracker period set out in their mortgage offer without incurring early repayment charges. Overpayments/lump sum repayments during any such period, will be treated as an early repayment and will be subject to any early repayment charges that apply to the loan. After the period specified in the offer, the applicant can make overpayments in any amount free from early repayment charges.

There will be an application fee, which is product-specific, in addition to the valuation fee.

A further fee may be charged if there is significant change to the application.

We have discretion to offer retention products after the fixed rate period ends in certain cases. To discover whether your loan may be eligible for a retention product, please contact us for more information.

Yes, the arrangement fee can take the loan above the LTV banding.

About The Applicant

Fleet Mortgages has a different underwriting process for Portfolio Landlords where all applicants, individually or collectively, own more than 4 existing buy-to-let properties or 3 properties where an application is being submitted to Fleet Mortgages to purchase a fourth.

You will find all the details of how to submit your application as well as useful documents to help guide you through the process on our dedicated Portfolio Landlords page.

Yes. However, we will ensure the applicant is entitled to live and work in the UK. We may request a Home Office letter of confirmation. The applicant must have a National Insurance Number. No Lending will be permitted where any applicant is eligible, or may be eligible, for Diplomatic Immunity.

We do not lend to expatriates or applicants with a BFPO (British Forces Post Office) address.

For personal name cases, if there is a partnership or the beneficial interest in the property has already been transferred in the background, please speak to your BDM.

About The Property

No, Fleet Mortgages only lends in England & Wales.

No. All properties are valued on a residential ‘bricks & mortar’ (comparable evidence) basis.

Our standard rental calculation for basic rate tax payers and limited companies is at least 125% and for higher rate tax payers is at least 145% cover for the monthly mortgage payment on an interest only basis and at the initial rate, or nominal rate (currently 6.5%) or the product revert rate, whichever is the higher.

We require all properties to have a valid EPC rating of A-E. You can check a property’s EPC rating by visiting the government’s online register: https://www.gov.uk/find-energy-certificate

Please note that properties with an EPC rating of A-C will be eligible for one of our Green Products. Please speak to our Sales team for details.

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