Legal ChargeFleet Mortgages will take an all monies 1st legal charge.
Loan PurposePurchase or Re-mortgage (except Paying Tax and Gambling Debts).
Repayment Methods

Capital & Interest Repayment.

Part Interest & Part Repayment.

Interest Only.

Mortgage TermMinimum 5 years, Maximum 30 years.
Loan SizeBetween £25,001 and £1,000,000 on a single property, subject to LTV restrictions.

Maximum 75% for loans up to £750,000. Maximum 70% for loans up to £1,000,000.

Portfolio Aggregate Exposure

Maximum 75% LTV up to £2,000,000 with Fleet Mortgages.

Monthly RepaymentOnly Direct Debit allowed.
DepositsDocumentary evidence of deposit is required. This could be, for example, bank statements showing a build up of savings or completion statement showing sale of property. Gifts from immediate family members (mother, father sibling, or grandparent) allowed, but deposits from overseas sources are not accepted.
Offer ValidityUp to 3 months.
Valuation ValidityValid for six months from the date of inspection. If a valuation expires, the case should be rekeyed so a new valuation can be instructed. The new case may require a new product and will be subject to underwriting and scoring.
RequirementsPrimary applicant must be a property owner for at least 12 months.
First Time BuyersNo.
First Time LandlordsSubject to strict lending criteria, underwriting and no exceptions apply.
Identity Verification (AML)Impersonation checks will be carried out.
Limited Companies (SPV)

Limited Companies must be Special Purpose Vehicles registered within England and Wales.

At least one of the following SIC codes must be applied: 68100, 68209, 68320, 68201.

Max of 4 directors / shareholders.

Full personal guarantees, on a joint and several basis, from all directors and shareholders required.

All guarantors will require face to face independent legal advice.

All Directors and shareholders will be underwritten.

All directors must be resident and have full credit history in the UK.

Fleet Mortgages will consider applications where individuals are ’transferring’ (selling) properties to an SPV limited company they own. Please call us for more information.

We will take a fixed charge over the property. Our Mortgage Conditions also contain a restriction (known as a “negative pledge”) upon the ability of the Company to take on further borrowings without our consent. Please refer to our Limited Company Guide FAQs for more information.

Customer AgeMinimum 25 years. Maximum 85th birthday at the end of the mortgage term.
Personal Income

The Primary Applicant must have a minimum income in excess of £25,000 pa. Reducing future income unacceptable.

Fleet Mortgages will verify the income of the Primary applicant using one of the following:
- latest 3 months’ payslips
- latest SA302 (HMRC)
- latest Signed Accounts or latest Pension Statement
Bank StatementsUp to 3 months Personal Bank Statements may be required subject to Underwriter discretion.
Employment Status

The Primary applicant must be:

Employed: In continuous employment for at least 12 months and have passed their probation period.

Self-employed & Contractors: Trading for at least 2 years in their current business.

Retired: Receiving income in excess of £25,000.

Residential Status

All applicants must be resident in the United Kingdom for at least three years and have permanent rights to reside. (Tier 1 and Tier 2 visas are unacceptable).

All applicants must be registered on the Electoral Roll at their current address and have a National Insurance Number, as well as a full credit history at their current, previous or linked addresses for the last three years.

Adverse CreditNo.
Credit ReferencesA full consumer and limited company search (if applicable) will be completed on all applicants.
LocationEngland and Wales.

A full valuation, instructed by Fleet Mortgages is required on all properties. The property value will be valued on a comparable evidence basis, not on a rental yield basis (rent multiplication).

Properties valued between £75,000 and £5,000,000.Valuations are valid for 6 months from the date of inspection.

In some exceptional instances we may require a second audit valuation (at no cost to the borrower).


Freehold or Leasehold. (Freeholder/leaseholder connection not acceptable).

Commonhold is not accepted.

Leases must have at least 75 years unexpired term on completion.

Rental Income12 months sustainable rental income will be confirmed from valuation only.
Rent CoverPlease see product guide.
Acceptable Tenancies

Assured Short-Hold tenancies (AST) either 6 or 12 months.

Student Lets.

Corporate Lets (prior approval required).

Local Authority & Housing Association Lets (prior approval required).

Standard format of Private Sector Lease as per the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders’ Handbook.

Acceptable Security

Residential Property. If not Purchase, property must be owned for at least 6 months.

Shared Houses are acceptable on standard mortgage products providing; the property is not a HMO as per Fleet Mortgages definition; is of a standard layout that would sell as a family home without alteration; has at least one communal room that will be maintained and valued as such; can sell as a single residential unit; and let on a furnished basis.

Properties where the Freeholder and Leaseholder are not connected.

Properties with up to 6 bedrooms.

Gross external floor area in excess of 35sqm.

Flats are acceptable in blocks with up to 5 storeys (up to 10 storeys are acceptable within the M25).

(Please refer to our list of unacceptable properties).

Acceptable Construction Types

Standard construction types are acceptable.

(Please refer to our unacceptable properties list for our definition of non standard construction types).

New Builds

New builds are defined as Properties constructed or converted within the last 12 months, or properties that have never been occupied.

Up to 70% LTV on new build flats.
Up to 75% on new build houses.

Recent Conversions

Recent conversions will be regarded as houses converted into flats within the last 12 months.

All other conversions, provided they are completed by a professional and reputable development company will be treated as ’New Builds’.

Up to 60% LTV.

Converted Freehold Properties

Minimum Property Value of £100,000 outside London and South East regions, or £150,000 inside London and South East regions.

The entire property must form part of Fleet Mortgages security.


Standard lending criteria applies. Plus;

Primary applicant must have owned a standard Buy to Let property for 3 years, or a HMO property for 2 years.

Up to 75% LTV. Minimum valuation £100,000 outside London and South East regions, or £150,000 within London and South East Regions.

Multi Unit Blocks are accepted with up to 10 self contained units on a single freehold title.

HMOs must be licensed where required.

DevelopmentsUp to 20% exposure to a development.
Ex local Authority

Up to 70% LTV and subject to minimum valuation of £100,000 outside London and South East regions, or £150,000 within the London and South East Regions.

Credit ScoringYes.
Decision to LendWe reserve the absolute discretion not to proceed with a mortgage application.
Features Excluded


Flexible features.

Further advances.

Conveyancers PanelAll Conveyancers are to be registered on our panel, managed by Lender Exchange. Please refer to the Conveyancers Panel in the Literature section for more information.

Properties in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Right to buy.

Self build.

Freehold flats.

Let to buy.


Back-to-back transactions.

Consumer Buy to Let

Conversions in commercial or non-residential locations.

Properties let or occupied by a family member of any related party to this mortgage.



Temporary employed.

Transactions between connected parties.

Please refer to Fleet Mortgages for full list of exclusions.

Primary Income

For the employed: Primary income is 100% of basic salary.

For the self-employed: Primary income is 100% of net profit.

For the contractor: Primary income is 100% of basic salary.

For the director of a Limited Company application: Primary income is 100% of basic salary.

For the retired applicant: Primary income is 100% of pension or other income.

Full Credit HistoryElectoral Roll registration at their current address and three years payment profile history at current, previous or linked addresses.
Adverse CreditNo CCJs or defaults (either satisfied or unsatisfied) greater than £100 for the last three years. No credit file to be, at any point in the last three years, more than two payments (≥3 months) in arrears.

Properties with a mandatory or discretionary HMO license as required by the local council or

A property that would not sell as a family home without alteration or

A property with a non-standard layout, e.g. sinks in bedrooms or

A property classified as a HMO by our Panel Valuer..

Multi-Unit Block (MUB)Freehold property split into 3 or more self-contained units.
First Time LandlordAn individual who does not currently own a Buy-to-Let property.
Consumer Buy to LetA mortgage regulated by the Mortgage Credit Directive Order 2015.
Shared AccommodationDwellings that have not been significantly altered, with at least one communal room that will be maintained and valued as such. The property must be saleable as a family home. See ’Acceptable Securities’ for further details.
Valuation up toBuy to LetHMO & MUB
Buy to Let
£2,000,000+Please call usPlease call us
Application Fee
(Payable with valuation fee. A further fee may be charged if significant change to application.)
Funds Transfer Fee£35
Completion FeePlease see individual product details.
Buy to Let
Re-Inspection Fee
Shared House /
HMO Buy to Let
Re-Inspection Fee
Retention Funds Transfer Fee£20
For further fees, please refer to our Tariff of Mortgage Charges.
In each case it will be necessary for the borrower to remortgage to achieve any of these outcomes.
Consent to Second Charges.
Agreement to Deeds of Priority.
Further Advances.
Product Switches.
Transfer of Equity.