EWS1 form

In December 2019 RICs, The BSA and UK Finance introduced the external wall fire review process for buildings over 18 metres (approx. 6 stories), as well as some properties below that height, where the external wall systems are comprised of potentially combustible material.

Regrettably this process has not proved to be reliable or robust and as a result Fleet Mortgages are unable lend on any properties where our surveyors find a requirement for an EWS1 form.

Please speak to one of our sales team if you have any questions or need further details.


Fleet Mortgages extends offer and valuation times for new-build properties

Fleet Mortgages, the buy-to-let specialist lender, has today (24th July 2019) announced it is extending its offer and valuation times for new-build purchases across both its standard and limited company range.

From today, Fleet will be making mortgage offers for new-build properties valid for six months, while its valuations will now be valid for seven months.

The lender’s full product range is available for buy-to-let landlord clients wishing to purchase new-build flats and homes, subject to a maximum LTV of 70% for flats and 75% for houses. There is also a final inspection fee of £150 for each new-build application.

With products designed specifically for purchase activity, and a priority processing service in place for new-build applications, Fleet says it is offering landlords active in this part of the market with a quality service, which works within the flexible timeframes that can be prevalent in this area.

The full Fleet Mortgages’ product guide is available to view by visiting the website at: https://www.fleetmortgages.co.uk/products/

Steve Cox, Distribution Director of Fleet Mortgages, commented:

“We’re acutely aware that many buy-to-let landlords see the opportunity available when it comes to new-build properties, and with a growing number of new homes being built, we want to ensure they have the right products and criteria for any such purchases. It is the case however that new-build completions can take longer than anticipated which is why we’ve announced an extension of both our mortgage offer and valuation times, to help ensure these do not come to an end before the project is finished.

“Providing such flexibility should give adviser and client peace of mind that they have the mortgage funds in place, and we are able to utilise the valuation for a longer period of time. With new-build applicants having access to our entire standard and limited company product range, subject to maximum LTVs, and with our focus on ensuring the quickest and most efficient of services, we believe Fleet is offering the most comprehensive proposition for new-build buy-to-let applicants. We would urge advisers interested in this offering to contact their local BDM or Fleet head office, to see how we can support their business activities in this area.”


For further information please contact:

Bob Young, Chief Executive Officer, Fleet Mortgages

Phone: 01252 916800

Steve Cox, Distribution Director, Fleet Mortgages
Mobile: 07710 126405

Rob Griffiths, White Dragon Communications Ltd

Mobile: 07983 641566, rob@whitedragoncomms.co.uk


About Fleet Mortgages

  • Fleet Mortgages is a buy-to-let and specialist lender established in 2014 and based in Fleet, Hampshire.
  • Fleet Mortgages is headed by Chief Executive Officer, Bob Young – formerly Managing Director of CHL Mortgages – and a senior management team and staff with many years’ experience of the UK lending market, particularly the buy-to-let and specialist sectors.
  • Fleet Mortgages is partnered with one of the world’s largest asset managers.
  • Fleet Mortgages launched in December 2014 and currently focuses on the buy-to-let market offering mortgages to professional landlords, as well as limited companies and those seeking finance for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).
  • Fleet Mortgages was announced as ‘Employer of the Year’ 2016 at the Inspire Business Awards; Bob Young recently received the ‘Outstanding Contribution’’ at the 2019 British Specialist Lending Awards.


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