Applying for a mortgage during the Coronavirus pandemic

As of 26th August 2021 we have removed Additional Requirements Document.

The application window for payment deferrals closed on 31st March 2021. 

If you have been newly impacted financially by coronavirus, or have been impacted again, support will continue to be available to you under our tailored support, taking into account your individual needs and circumstances.

Please call a member of our friendly Mortgage Service team on 01252 916776 so that we can discuss your situation with you and talk through your options. If you would like, we can also arrange for a Field Agent to visit you at home to discuss your circumstances and possible solutions.

The Financial Difficulties area of our website also provides useful links to organisations that offer free confidential advice on money matters, that may help you.

Additional COVID-19 Requirements:


UPDATE 6/01/2021

In line with government guidelines, please ensure the property is vacant 30 minutes before
the valuer arrives. 

UPDATE 10/11/2020

All HMO/MUB properties MUST have an estate agent/landlord present at inspection. This is due to valuers having to abort appointments as all tenants haven’t been removed from the property prior to inspection.


Physical valuations – 5th November 2020 

Physical valuations will be unaffected by the second national lockdown starting on 5th November and will continue where they are safe to do so and following the strict protocols that have been in place since they restarted in May.

Appointment booking risk assessment

As part of the initial risk assessment, the property occupier will be asked the following three questions;

  1. Are you or anyone in your household suffering from suspected Covid-19 symptoms?
  2. Are you or anyone in your household shielding or self-isolating due to government health advice or potential exposure to someone else with symptoms or a positive Covid-19 test?
  3. Have you been identified as clinically extremely vulnerable?

If yes to any of the above the booking will not be progressed and the case will be put on hold until safe to complete.  The booking clerk will set a call back for after the date when the isolation period has ended.

Moving forward the booking process will establish the following property inspection protocols;

  1. Is the occupier happy for the surveyor to visit and complete the physical survey inspection?
  2. The booking clerk will confirm to the occupier that only fit and healthy surveyors will attend and will be wearing full PPE.
  3. The booking clerk will check if the occupier is able to vacate the interior of the property during the valuation/survey and confirm the likely time required to complete the inspection of the property.
  4. The occupier to ensure all the internal doors (including meter, boiler and hot water cylinder cupboards) and the loft hatch are opened prior to inspection.
  5. All pets should be removed or secured prior to inspection.
  6. Social distancing rule (2 metres/6 foot) to be mutually respected at all times or the inspection may be aborted.

The customer will be asked to contact Connells prior to the appointment date if health conditions in the household change between the initial booking conversation and the appointment date. The case will then be put on hold until safe to complete.

Pre inspection risk assessment

  1. The surveyor will call the occupier approximately 15 minutes prior to or on arrival at the property.
  2. The surveyor will re-confirm with the occupier the three health questions to ensure nothing has changed. If they report symptoms or confirm they or someone in the house is self-isolating the valuation will be aborted.
  3. The surveyor will confirm with the occupier that the property has been prepared in accordance with the inspection protocols above and as confirmed during the booking process.
  4. Failure to prepare the property in accordance with the protocol agreed may result in the inspection being aborted.

HMO and Multi Unit Freehold Blocks only (in addition to the above)

  1. HMO and MUFB valuations will only be undertaken if the landlord or agent unlocks the property ahead of the inspection. Access will be required to all rooms and/or flats.
  2. The landlord or agent will be required to open all rooms or flats and ensure that the property is empty prior to the inspection. If fire doors are in situ these should be temporarily propped open.
  3. If the surveyor discovers that any of the above requirements have not been followed they may not be able to complete the inspection and a full abortive valuation fee will be charged.


Physical inspections are now available in England and Wales.  The above process will be subject to ongoing review and adapted where necessary in line with the latest Health and Safety advice provided by the UK Government, Public Health England (PHE), Public Health Wales (PHW) or Health Protection Scotland (HPS) and the RICS.

Our Commitment to a Safe Environment

At Fleet we are committed to creating a safe environment for all of our staff.

We have carried out a detailed risk assessment and put in place a number of guidelines and measures which will be continuously reviewed and updated as necessary.  These documents demonstrate how as a business we are complying with the latest UK Government guidance and working to ensure the safety of our colleagues.

These documents are correct at the time of publication and are regularly reviewed.  Documents continue to be updated in line with changes in the UK Government guidance and new versions will be published from time to time.

Copies of these documents are available on request.


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